• The reds woohooed for the first time.
  • The greens basically went on a date but I’m sure neither of them would want to call it that.
  • Brick and Butch are ALWAYS FIGHTING.
  • I had all six of them go on a pretty far and intense run, since I was curious as to whom would make it. 
  • The only people who didn’t make it was the Blues. Boomer got tired quickly and went home and Bubbles got distracted and decided it was a good idea to play with her virtual game.
  • Then there were four.
  • They all smelled.
  • The end.
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    they WOOHOOed and you took a SCREENSHOT OF IT oh my god this is the best
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    when I decided that fanfiction wasnt enough and I wanted to play GOD
  6. squidrulesall said: Pfff I love how the reds makeout while the greens are watching them.
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    When the hell did the Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys become sims